The Small Change That Rippled The Peaceful Water

I just wanted something new in my life, that’s why I went to that place that day. I did something that wasn’t part of my routine and you were there. I wanted change, and boy did I get it.

We both had no idea what we walked into when we entered that room. You sat at the other end of the table. We barely made eye contact and nodded politely at each other. I had no idea, and if it was just that one chance meeting, I never would’ve glanced at your direction twice. But that meeting became two, and then three and then more and just when I thought it was over, you came in through those doors again and again.

Don’t you think it’s funny? We went to the same university and seven years ago, we might’ve sat next to each other at the library. I might’ve stood behind you at the cafeteria. I might’ve been in the same class as you. We might’ve passed each other in the hall a hundred times. And we might’ve looked at each other for a split second and then moved on. We were just another face in the crowd.

And now you’re not just another person. You became the highlight of my day. I glance at that door waiting for you to say good morning. When you talk to me and when you slightly lean forward just to try to catch the things can’t say out loud, I can just feel my face turn red.

And sometimes even if I don’t say anything, you understood what I meant.

And you may not know this, but it’s been a long time since I felt this way about someone. Five years to be exact. Not the slightest feeling for anyone for the past five years, and the most unlikely person came in and brought to life everything I thought that was gone for good.

I was happy, scared, excited, nervous, giddy,  anxious—it was a roller coaster of emotions, a  ride that I was and still am afraid of boarding. But you made me feel these things, nonetheless. You brought up a side of me and more. I was too young when I first felt this way and the second time around, I still didn’t know what to do. I was still scared, but you were worth the risk.

Then the story ended.

It was inevitable. We both knew it was coming. We parted ways in the most casual way. Kinda anti-climactic. But I have nothing but good memories.

The past months have been the best months so far, of my adult life.

All I wanted was a small change, and He gave me you. It may not have ended the way I wish it would’ve, but nonetheless, I am grateful.

Maybe for now, or maybe for good, we have parted ways. But you will always be the man who brought me back to life.


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